Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting & service plan at any time. Simply reach out to us, and our support team will assist you in making the change.

Connect/transfer your domains or buy from us – we offer competitive rates for all major domain extensions.

  • You can add as many domains as you like to your hosting & service plan.
  • Each domain you purchase from us comes with free, unlimited* email accounts.
  • We provide a free domain transfer service (there are no charges for the transfer).

*Unlimited, based on a fair-use policy.

Of course! Tell us everything about it and we will be happy to create it for you. Our design presets are simply a starting point, and we're fully dedicated to customizing the design and functionality to align with your specific needs – like building from scratch.

We provide you with a CMS (Content Management System) that we simplify and customize to suit the specific requirements of each client's website. During the building process and afterward, you can inform us about the precise content you'd like to edit or update yourself, such as opening hours or your pricing table. We then make sure everything is prepared for easy editing, without requiring any technical skills – we promise!

Collections represent a more advanced and professional approach to publishing and creating dynamic, ongoing content (like blog posts). Just as user-friendly as working with our simplified CMS, all collections are tailored to your individual use case. You only need to fill out some fields/forms to generate new entries. The data will be automatically displayed under an SEO-friendly URL (e.g.,

Yes, you can add more pages and make changes as you go. With our on-demand service, our experts can handle everything for you (starting as low as $35 per session). This includes updating your text and images, managing your listings (such as real estate), and even optimizing your site's SEO and Google MyBusiness. If you're looking to make layout changes or add new features to your website, we offer flexible options, ensuring you get what you want, when you want it.

Yes, you can have as many update sessions as you need. With our on-demand service, our experts can carry out additional updates for you (starting as low as $35 per session). If you require more updates per year, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We provide bulk discounts and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs!

The design & development process takes approximately 3-5 weeks from start to finish. The duration may vary slightly depending on the size of the project (e.g., number of pages and features) and, most importantly, how promptly you provide us with the required information and feedback during the development phase. Once you submit your preferences, ideas, and content (such as your logo, images, videos, and text), we can provide you with an estimated release date.

Imagine you've selected our premium plan, which includes 5 pages. Your website's structure could be organized like this:

1. Home

2. About

3. Services

4. Blog (/blog)

  • Blog Post (/blog-post/my-first-post-1)
  • Blog Post (/blog-post/my-first-post-2)
  • ..

5. Contact

  • Each collection includes an additional subpage to showcase its dynamic content, such as blog posts.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you might need to provide legal information on extra subpages:

6. Legal Notice

7. Privacy

8. Terms

All legal pages are provided free of charge and are not counted as part of your page limit. Similarly, a standard 404 page, which we consider essential, will not affect your page count.


Client feedback that speaks to the quality of our services.


Atala Espinosa

Founder & Director, Immigration Playa

 I recently relaunched my website with 17connect, it was like stepping out of the shadows into the light. Since our first conversation, I realized they know their work in depth. I am truly satisfied with the design of my new website and Kevin's professionalism.


Werner B.

President, Tennisclub Schwalheim e.V.

 The website and booking tool that 17connect built for us perfectly captures the essence of our club. Their hosting and service plans ensure the smooth operation of our site, and their responsive support team is always prompt to assist.


Lukas & Sven

Co-Founders, Fermakultur GbR 

 17connect provides great solutions and support for your digital environment. Within a few weeks, the 17connect team created a stunning website for us. We appreciated transparent and clear communication of what was needed from our side to make the project work. We are happy we have gained a long-term partner that provides us with its service after being online with the website.

 your new 


 is just a few clicks away 

At 17connect, we provide a robust infrastructure for hosting and securing your website on a global scale. We ensure your site's security, availability, and up-to-date status through state-of-the-art hosting that grows seamlessly with your needs.

  • SSL, CDN & DDoS protection

SSL encryption, content delivery network (CDN), and DDoS mitigation

  • Unlimited* visits per site

Never have your site crash due to too much traffic with our scalable servers

  • Automated backups (GDPR-compliant)

Never lose site updates with our automatic backups on GDPR-compliant infrastructure

  • Ongoing content updates 

Keep your site easily up-to-date with our content update service

  • Pro support 

Reach out via email or WhatsApp and get help from an expert - no bots!

  • Hire a pro on-demand

Your time is valuable, so you can hire a pro whenever you like. With our on-demand service, our experts can do everything for you (starting as low as $35 per session).

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