The Future is NOW

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There are many ways how to express or name this section of a business website. Some call it 'about us', 'our story' or 'who we are'. Most of the time it's more self-congratulation written by marketing agencies than the truth. Thanks, but no thanks!

17connect is not about the ordinary - it's the NEW and the NOW. That means everything we do, doesn't fit into a regular box or section. We do it differently and are proud to go beyond the expected. Working with us means working together on a whole 'another level. We go on a journey with you, we don't book you a flight and send you to an unknown destination. We are in this together- as a TEAM. 

You may have heard the quote "teamwork makes the dream work" - and yes, that's true. So tell us more about your DREAM for your BUSINESS and LIFE!

Do you want to see if we match? Send us an email, shoot us a text or meet us somewhere on planet earth.  We'd love to hear from you!


Kevin Christopher Brock

Creator of 17connect LLC



Do you plan on starting your own business and don't know how? Relax, we got your back. Benefit from concentrated knowledge from different areas and industries: we go beyond any traditional consulting and business mentoring.


Full-Service Websites

A professional website offers you almost unlimited possibilities to positively impact the success of your business. Discover how we build professional, state-of-the-art websites for humans around the world. Your new website is just a few clicks away.


Content Creation

Content can take many forms – text, image, video, blog post, ebook, infographic, advertisement, to name a few. From our experience of building websites, we know that content is key to presenting your brand or product in a shining light.


Independent Consultation

Schedule your individual 1:1 consultation with Kevin Christopher Brock, the Creator of 17connect LLC. Get new impulses and important information on how to master the matrix and discover freedom for your business and life. Get in touch now!


Web-/ Applications

Looking for a fast and cost-effective way to realize your web or mobile app? Nowadays it is possible to build prototypes and production-grade applications in days instead of weeks! We offer a wide range of development solutions for any industry and use case.


Custom Service

Do you need adjustments to your logo? Special files and formats? An editable PDF in your own design? Optimized images/banners for social media? And what about the digital version of your drawing? 17connect is here to help.