Full-Service Websites

With our full-service plans, you get a custom website that fits your needs and stays on top. All plans include everything important for a professional website: domain, hosting, email, webspace, SSL, updates and maintenance. Additionally, you can add individual services to make it even more convenient for you. At 17connect, we have custom solutions for every business. Discover our plans and pricing for professional state-of-the-art websites made for humans around the world:

Web-/ Applications

Looking for a fast and cost-effective way to realize your web or mobile app? Nowadays it is possible to build prototypes and production-grade applications in days instead of weeks! Complex functionality, pixel-perfect and mobile-friendly. This is everything you need including scalable cloud hosting with no limits on user or traffic volume. Learn more about the benefits of hiring our custom development service today:

Privacy + Security Solutions

Today, our data is the new currency and your digital footprint is becoming more and more valuable. It's important to be aware of potential risks, personally and/or business-wise, to protect your data and assets. We assist you to stay anonymous, get uncensored access to information and hide traces on the web with secure smartphones, email services, messengers, and much more. Get in touch today and start taking back control.

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Independent Consultation

The initial consultation and assessment of your case usually takes 60 to 90 min. During our call, you will receive impulses and important information that you should take into account. Therefore, please prepare for the call and write down questions you would like to ask. To make the most of it, sent me a copy of your questions, a few words about yourself / your situation and what you like me to do. This will help me prepare for the call in the best possible way. Please keep in mind that I can't provide you with a complete 'master plan' during such a short time. You'll get a first draft of what you can do in your situation. In addition, you will receive a summary of the topics discussed with further information by email. In many cases, one consultation is enough to give you a foundation to build on. You also have the opportunity to execute the ideas we discuss through my team and our network of partners.

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Kevin Christopher Brock

Creator of 17connect LLC

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Independent Consultation $199 USD

You can pay via bank transfer (USD/EUR) or crypto (XRP/XLM). A consultation is not considered agreed-upon until you have received a confirmation email.