Do you plan on starting your own business and don't know how? Relax, we got your back. With our 360°-NOW-Approach you will get the knowledge, support and tools you need to build a solid foundation for your business and life. Don't waste your energy, time or money by making mistakes that can be easily avoided. Benefit from concentrated knowledge from different areas and industries:

  • No 'academic' bs talk - only real-world solutions
  • Not just a 'plan' - we go beyond any traditional consulting and business mentoring
  • Real 360° - from conceptualization over realization to ongoing support

Do you want to learn more? Click on the button below and tell us a little bit about yourself. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule our first virtual meeting. This way we can get to know each other without obligation and find out if we match.

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Concept + Values

There are many ways, techniques and theories how to turn your ideas into a concept or master plan. There is no right or wrong. From 'going with the flow' to breaking it down and organizing it in some kind of structure - many challenges are waiting for you. But there are really helpful tools and techniques that can make the whole process easier.

We at 17connect can assist you in evolving opportunities, extending ideas, and unlocking new solutions that identify whitespace and uncover emergent opportunities. Together we align the propositions 'value', 'profit', and 'people' to create something for the greater good. It's all made by humans for humans - and humanness will grow your confidence to own and drive the process. Are you ready to take off? Be a pioneer and start creating your future now.

Laws + Regulations

Where is the best place to locate my business? What about taxes and accounting requirements? How to find the best fit for legal structure?

These are very important topics that cannot be answered in general terms. A precise analysis of the individual case is always required.  We accompany and support you in finding the best solution. 17connect operates without the constraints and regulations of the legal and tax advisory professions. This is key to providing clients with independent and discreet advice that would otherwise not be possible. In very few cases legal advice is necessary at all. If this is the case, we can refer to specialized lawyers. This concerns, for example, special questions of national law. 17connect LLC does not provide legal, tax or investment advice.

Implementation + Optimization

What's worth the best advice if you don't know how to do it? Exactly, nothing! So get ready to educate yourself and build it up from scratch.

Everything we come up with or advise people to do, we can actually realize. In-house or with trusted partners - at 17connect, 'we make ideas happen'. That means we implement and optimize all aspects of your master plan. From company formation, websites/apps over bank accounts/payment solutions, content creation to supporting your daily business. So you can focus on your key competencies without distraction. Are you doing something no one ever did before? Awesome, we love challenges! Let's have a chat!


Independent Consultation

The initial consultation and assessment of your case usually takes 60 to 90 min. During our call, you will receive impulses and important information that you should take into account. Therefore, please prepare for the call and write down questions you would like to ask. To make the most of it, sent me a copy of your questions, a few words about yourself / your situation and what you like me to do. This will help me prepare for the call in the best possible way. Please keep in mind that I can't provide you with a complete 'master plan' during such a short time. You'll get a first draft of what you can do in your situation. In addition, you will receive a summary of the topics discussed with further information by email. In many cases, one consultation is enough to give you a foundation to build on. You also have the opportunity to execute the ideas we discuss through my team and our network of partners.

Talk to you soon!


Kevin Christopher Brock

Creator of 17connect LLC

Let's make it happen

Independent Consultation $199 USD

You can pay via bank transfer (USD/EUR) or crypto (XRP/XLM). A consultation is not considered agreed-upon until you have received a confirmation email.